Gerhardt Slawitschka



One gets to know some remarkable people in the world of production and post-production. They bring a blend of technical intelligence, organizational skills, interpersonal warmth and creative passion. Gerhardt is absolutely one of those people.

Coming from Eastern European roots, his parents started out in the TV business, and his father is still one of the most respected network television editors in the market today. Gerhardt has high level experiences in both tennis and theatre, and he began developing his industry skills early when he became one of the first users of Final Cut in 1999. His early career earned him a broad range of production experiences, having worked as electrician, a camera assistant, and as a VFX supervisor. Today, he is comfortable cutting both long-form feature and episodic, as well as short-form commercial work, both broadcast and digital.

Gerhardt brings the passion and drive of youth, along with the wisdom and patience that come from broad and deep experience. He is a total pro and a wonderful human being.

- DW